BRICK© – akoestische mostegels

BRICK© - Akoestische mostegels in 3D, zelf te monteren en samen te stellen. Verkrijgbaar in verschillende vormen (Island, Sphere, Tile en Circle) en formaten (S-XL). Modulair systeem voor wanddecoratie. Luchtzuiverend en akoestisch. Bestel je Brick in de winkel of met via het contactformulier.

Polarmoss BRICK is a dynamic product that accentuates interior design on a wall or table. The inspiration for the design of this piece of art was an archipelago. Bricks are available in four different shapes & sizes; the shape in each size is slightly different. Clustering them adds an extra dimension to interior design.


Bricks are handmade from Polarmoss that is colored and preserved – on a natural cork base. The moss or the product does not need any maintenance and is a flame retardant. Islands can be attached to the wall with an innovative installation plate developed by Polarmoss especially for this purpose. This special installation makes it possible to make various adjustments to the product on the wall and also to move it from the wall to a table and back.


Used as a single item it is a highlight of a space. Used as a large group of Bricks it creates a spectacular interior design solution.