Plantcare – Onderhoud

Als het belangrijk is dat uw interieur, en dus ook uw beplanting er optimaal uitziet, maar er weinig continuïteit is in verzorging en onderhoud, dan is ons Plant-B pakket de ideale oplossing voor uw (kantoor)groen.

Plan B team from NADA and Mosmuur


With the right care and attention it is not difficult to give your plant a great life. Our goal is to support you in this way that you can fully enjoy your new or existing planting, at home or at the office. If desired, NADA provides clear care instructions for all plants during placement and delivery.

You can choose to take care of your greenery on the basis of this documentation,

or choose to outsource maintenance or your plants to our green experts.


The frequency of maintenance is proposed in mutual consultation, taking into account the number of plants, the size, location, location and budget of each customer. If quarterly maintenance is chosen, you as a customer can take care of the simple and more regular basic maintenance. In this case you (or your staff / cleaning company) will be able to provide the right care based on the information obtained and through our Plantcare app:  Plantsome .

What does our Plan B team do?


We provide the right amount of water and food, prune, guide and rotate the plants regularly, remove discolored leaves or dry parts. In addition to keeping the plants dust-free and glowing, they also check for diseases, insects, fungi and possibly combat this in a biological way. The plants are fertilized with a special feed two to four times a year and once or twice a year the containers are completely pumped empty and refilled with fresh water. The replacement of dead and / or unrepresentative plants at cost price, or in plant guarantee, is included in our service.
We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.


We will discuss with you in consultation whether one of our Plant-B employees visits your company, office or residence every month, once every quarter or every six months.


We guarantee years of enjoyment or large, full plants and a healthy environment.

Why – outsource the benefits of maintenance


  • Your planters receive expert care
  • Diseases are recognized more quickly, correct advice regarding location, etc.
  • Constant care
  • The plants no longer suffer from vacations, staff changes, peak crowds, etc.
  • It does not cost you time to purchase and care for the plants
  • You never have to think about it again; we come automatically
  • The planters always look optimal, say ‘as new’
  • You save 12.5% ​​per bin per year compared to no maintenance


The different options and rates for maintenance


You can choose from one of our 4 standard maintenance agreements, or opt for our ‘price per plant’ module, recommended from 25 plants.


Read  here  more about our rates and prices for maintenance


We wish you every success with your new green adventure.