Indoor Nature – Beplanting op maat

What makes the atmosphere and appearance of a company or interior a success? Naturally the natural elements and office plants! Every business space, from executive office to canteen, needs office plants, decoration, colors and scents. But office plants require the right care and selection, such as the care of our employees and an appropriate proposal from our interior designers. Our representative is happy to come by and then draws up a plant schedule, if necessary with a simulation and position plan. This way you know in advance what you can expect.

The effect of office plants


Office plants provide a beautiful and well-kept appearance and promote productivity and health. In recent years, a continuous stream of articles has been published about the Sick Building Syndrome, VOCs, microplastics, air pollution and the effect of office plants on and around the workplace. Articles that saw the light of day under the significant titles: “Climate-enhancing greenery”, “Less headache in a green office” and “Productive with plants” now also scientifically confirm that greenery should be a necessary presence in the office environment.


These articles raise issues such as irritating eyes, headaches, listlessness and irritated nose, throat and respiratory tract. A study by the World Health Organization has shown that at least 30% of all our office buildings are suspected of being infected with the so-called “Sick Building Syndrome”, which is hero 1 in 1 responsible for this productivity-reducing effects.


Take a look around your office, do you have enough green to avoid these effects?

Healthy green


Intensive scientific research by the American NASA, VMM and Vito has established that office plants are the most effective control of the above symptoms. Additional research has further shown that office plants have a very big psychological influence on our work attitude and sense of well-being, as described in: “Productive with plants”, “Hydroponics promotes the working atmosphere” and the brochure “Healthy green on the job “workplace”.


Based on this, we can conclude that having enough plants in and around the office is a great importance for the health of you and your employees. The Plant-B team at NADA & Moss wall therefore always supplies plants with (air) purifying functions.


The yield of office plants


Without exaggeration, we can say that every euro invested in office plants is an investment in the productivity of your people!

Office greenery based on hydroponics for less maintenance


Choose hydroponics if it’s important that your office plants look optimal with little continuity in care. Purchasing and maintenance costs you time, time that you as an entrepreneur would rather invest in your productivity. The initial investment in hydroponics is higher than with normal planting, but the maintenance will be much cheaper and more efficient, by yourself or our Plant-B team.


Hydroponics or hydropony is the cultivation of plants in water, to which the necessary nutrients have been added. It is a growing method that is used more and more often. Not only for room or office plants, but also for growing vegetables in the greenhouse. An important advantage is the easy and accurate dosing of nutrients. Also the causes of fungi or diseases are easier to keep under control than with traditional breeding.


The hydroponics system has received so much interest in recent years that it needs little explanation. In short, it comes down to this: the plants are not placed in a basin or in a pot of soil, but in water supported by baked clay pellets or pellets. With this system you can suffice with maintenance and watering once a month. These office plants are specially grown for this application and selected by our team there.

Why do you choose hydroponics?


If it is important that your interior, and therefore also your office plants, look optimal, but there is little continuity in care and maintenance, then hydroponics is just the thing for you. Why? Thanks to this system, maintenance and watering are only needed once a month! From now on, the planters no longer have to give a neglected impression, but will be a permanent piece of jewelery for your office and make a substantial contribution to a healthy and pleasant working environment.


What does hydroponics look like?


Hydroponics systems are practically unrecognizable and therefore, just like normal planters, very representative. The planters are surrounded by an outside pot made of durable plastic, metal or ceramic. They are therefore dimensionally stable, impact, scratch and fracture free. Moreover, they are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. The range of plants is also very extensive. It is thus possible to adapt the office plants to your wishes, taking into account the climatic conditions.


Where can hydroponics be applied?


Thanks to a responsible choice of plants and possibly the use of special plant lamps, the bins can be placed anywhere. Even a gloomy reception hall can become a well-kept and representative space in this way. Thanks to the use of castors, the (relocating) or office plants is no problem at all. Hard-to-reach places can also be stylishly decorated. Our representative will be happy to show you our wide selection and references in your area.