Breathing Wall – Offices

In een kantoor of werkomgeving verhoogt de productiviteit aanzienlijk bij aanwezigheid van groen of natuur. Ook helpt een plantenwand als luchtverbeteraar en klimaatregelaar. We realiseerden verschillende projecten in kantoren, al dan niet met watervoorziening.

Our green walls absorb sound and are a real eye-catcher for your work environment. A choice can be made from a wide range of interior plants, for offices we recommend our breathing wall systems with air-purifying plants. Our vertical walls have a unique irrigation system that makes regular maintenance redundant.


If the right light is present, every plant can grow in this living green wall. The system consists of wall panels in various sizes that are fixed against an existing wall or support structure. In these panels the plant trays or cassettes are mounted in which the plants are fixed. Each tray has a water basin and is connected to a lower or upper tray, so that fresh water can flow from top to bottom, watering is only required once a month.


  • Works with standard soil plants in their original pot that can be found everywhere
  • Reducing stress and heat regulating: plants retain heat in the winter and cool the indoor climate in the summer
  • Modules are made from recycled plastic and therefore 100% ecological
  • Technology and ltration consist of simple, standard devices available in every do-it-yourself business, so easy to assemble and maintain without any knowledge


Pour once a month, enjoy the whole month.

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